Saturday, February 7, 2009

The bike

It started with a poor man having to drag this box up my steps

I was hoping that most of the box would turn out to be packaging as it was so big, sadly, that was not the case

Though they'd made up for the lack of packing by threading the pieces through the various pieces of polystyrene and sticking it all in place with tape! The result? A fifteen minute battle trying to extract it from the box, before finally giving up and dumping it upside down onto my living room floor

Having finally separated all the pieces I opened up the instruction book, hoping upon hope that it would either be bilingual or have very large, clearly drawn diagrams. Sadly, this was the reality, useful!

But I manned up and started to follow the badly drawn pictures. I realised half way through that the heavy metal pieces were going to scrape the hell out of poor abused tatami flooring. The bike should have come with a free mat to protect the floor, but for some reason it arrived in a separate delivery half an hour later. I may have inadvertently given the second delivery man an eyeful because the neckline of my top is far too big, and I had thrown aside the sweater covering it mid-construction. Sadly that didn't occur to me until 5 minutes after I opened the door.

Finally, the bolts were screwed in, the wires connected, the tears shed, the curses uttered, and the mat laid down, all resulting in this:

Hello Baby! God, it was a workout just getting it together, the thing weighs 30kg! It's very sturdy though, which I'm happy about.

It pretty much fills my living room. Japanese rooms are small, so my living room is the standard 6 tatami mat size. As you can see from the picture, it completely fills one, and is in the middle of the room because it won't fit anywhere else. Whoever it was that told me not to store this away lest I forget it? Fear not!


TitanThirteen said...

lol you had to REALLY want this to overcome those obsticles!!
When we bought our treadmill about 5 years ago, it was a mess in the box. So we used the box [with the treadmill inside] as a coffee table for another year before we tackled putting it together! lol

JaneDough said...

I just got a similar one a month ago. They are fantastic! It helps having a 13 year old to put it together :P