Monday, February 9, 2009

And so a new week begins

I'll admit I was a little disappointed when I got on the scale today and saw no difference from my weekend. There have been times when I would have killed to see no weight change after a weekend, but I moved significantly less and ate significantly more during them. That being said, I think I expect results too fast, it may take my body some time to adjust. Still, I rode 40km yesterday! That's a big number in my head, I feel like my body should acknowledge it. I was tired when I weighed in though, and historically speaking my scale doesn't take too kindly to me not getting enough sleep before stepping on it.

I realised this morning that it doesn't matter what time I manage to drag myself out of bed, I'm not a morning exercise person. I've tried to be, and in fact there was a brief stint a couple of years ago when I was doing it, but it's not for me. I think the trick to consistently doing any exercise is making it as easy (and dare I say it - enjoyable!) as humanly possible. My bike is set up in front of my TV. Musicals are in the DVD player. It all helps.

I got up this morning at 6:30am intending to wake up fresh faced and leap from my bed to bound over to the TV, switch on an uplifting musical, and knock out 10km before work. What I actually did was wake up tired and confused, trying to figure out why my phone wasn't where I thought it was (I'd moved it out a little further so I couldn't just turn it off), bury myself back in my covers only to curse myself for switching the snooze alarm to every two minutes instead of every five so I couldn't get back to sleep, roll from the warmth of my electric blanket into my fleecy but chilled robe and the frigid air of my apartment, and huddle under the wall heater in my living room (blinking and dazed) while I checked my email and blogs. Eventually the room warmed up, I made oatmeal for breakfast, got ready, and walked to work, but the exercise didn't happen.

Push yourself to work out, but try not to work so totally against your body rhythm. Most of the time it's hard enough to get myself moving, I 'aint gonna be any happier about it if I have to give up preciously hoarded sleep and go out into the cold harsh light of day to do it. I'm a night owl, utterly and completely, and my most productive workout is going to be done upon arriving home from work. I started trying to work out in the morning because so many other bloggers were doing it (how does the blogger spell check not have 'bloggers' in it?!?). You were all so dedicated! You were getting up at 5am and doing full workouts, making the kids lunches and doing your laundry before I even opened my eyes! Oh the inadequacy!

Turns out I'm not 'you', I'm not even 'us' most of the time. I'm me, and that's pretty OK. I have to stop planning as if I can change my whole nature though, I started living by my own schedule a long time ago, I know what's realistic and what isn't.

I was walking into school and all the hopeful entrants for the school next year are here to take the exam (you have to take an exam and do an interview if you want to get into most high-schools here). They seemed a little confused by me as I walked past the little crowds in the car-park, not knowing whether to greet me as a teacher or if I had just wandered onto school grounds.

Edit: I did 10km on the bike when I got in from work, and will do more while I'm watching TV later. I've put a new tracker in my sidebar to see how far I bike each week, with a target of 100km.


Tully said...

I keep trying to get my exercise done in the morning too, but it just isn't realistic for some people.

I love that new machine of yours, it looks great and kind of comfy too!

Tully said...

It does look too comfy to be exercising! I tried one of those bikes once and found it horrible because my stomach was getting in the way of my knees when I was peddling, I realised after I got off that I needed to adjust the seat further back... duh! :-)

autumn said...

knowing what works best for you is 1/2 the battle

Lauren said...

My best time for exercising is afternoon, but I'm at work then. The next two weeks I don't have classes, so maybe I can workout a bit in the classroom when no one is there.

ani pesto said...

I think you're spot on, you've got to find exercise you enjoy and that will work for you.

I found the only way I could exercise before work is when I've made an appointment with a personal trainer or a friend to do so. Left to my own devices I probably wouldn't get out of bed for it. Great idea to have your bike in front of the telly. When we used to have a treadmill I loved killing 2 birds with one stone, the theme tunes of my favourite programs became the best triggers to tell me it's work out time.

Cammy@TippyToeDiet said...

Patience, patience... :)

You're doing great with the bike! I'm not a morning exercise person either (mainly due to scheduling), but working out in the evenings has its advantages in that I have yet to snack while on the treadmill.

Keep up the FANTASTIC work!

Tully said...

Oh God, I am addicted to that plus sized clothing link you sent me! When will work be over so I can sit down and go through it properly, I think I may be giving my credit card a workout tonight!

Thanks so much! :-)