Monday, February 16, 2009

Ahh, Monday morning

I'm so tired. Sooooo tired. Slumped over my work desk hoping a student doesn't come and see me with my eyes closed tired. I got to bed in the wee hours both Saturday and Sunday night and it is definitely showing now. Gah.

My weight is up by a lot, but it's TOM still and I don't get accurate results when I don't sleep properly, so I don't think it counts for the moment. I'll have to keep on truckin' for the next day or two until I can get a real number. I love that you can put this time of the month in the 'events' section on Medhelp, it makes life easier when I go back to check them later.

Short entry today I'm afraid, I'm too fuzzy to think of anything else. I've got a lesson second period (in about 20 minutes) and then one last period, so I can't go home. I might put my headphones in and watch a movie when I get back, see if that will help keep me awake or make things worse.