Thursday, January 29, 2009


How is it possible that I've eaten three full meals and a snack and have still not quite hit 1100 calories? It's not like I'm living on lettuce over here, so how?!?

I'm meant to have just under 1900 a day. I hate it when people complain 'oh it's just soooo hard to eat so much' (it's feels kind of smug and braggy to me), but seriously? The carbohydrates take up calorie space that I'm having trouble filling because the upped protein is making me feel not hungry.

And it uses so much food to make three meals properly! I went shopping the other day and I've got enough for tomorrow's meals left. I'm OK for proteins but I need to go get more veg. I envy people who have no trouble doing the weekly big shop (not that I'd have anywhere to store it even if I did that), I seem to go through stuff so fast.

Feel free to throw this back at me next time I mention I'm starving.


Diana Swallow said...

Its amazing how much you can eat when you eat clean!