Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Shopping triumph

I got home and was hungry. Thank God I had nothing snack-y in the house else things could have gotten ugly. Complete abstinence is the only way I can deal with a lot of things, especially at the beginning. It plays hell with me when I'm taken out of my own environment, but if it helps me stay on plan the other 95% of the time then I'll keep doing it.

I got home and only had broccoli left in the fridge, so had to nip to Okuwa (my local supermarket) before I could cook. This was not a good thing, I've long since realised I have to be full before going into a Japanese supermarket. I have to go in through the self service bakery section, which in turn leads to the self service fried food section. It has been my downfall many a day, as long term readers of this blog will know.

But luckily not today. I was practically holding my breath as I hurried through the entrance and legged it to the produce section, but it was worth it to come out with a clean basket of food. They seem to have quite a few proteins at a good price so I got some lean pork, beef, and hamburger, and then some minced (ground) beef for tonight's dinner. I got a good deal on a big bag of onions (I eat them with so many things!), some more aubergine, and some broccoli off the reduced counter. I'm off fruit for the next couple of weeks so I didn't buy any of the nice looking bananas, but I'm hoping the price stays down until I can. The only processed thing I bought was a little packet of mabodofu sauce for my dinner. As soon as I got back home I threw the beef into a hot pan, then drained the fat off and added some green pepper. A quick cubing of my soft tofu and the sauce makes a perfect dinner with broccoli on the side. Bliss!


Lainie said...

Hooray for resisting the tempting unhealthy parts of the store! I know how tempting that can be (though not in Japan specifically, having never been there myself).

SuMarie said...

Great job on the shopping! I love going to the market and buying food. My weakness is good imported cheese, with favorites including Spanish Manchego, Italian Fontina and Italian Cravanzina. Yummy!

SeaShore said...

Good for you for resisting the lure of the bakery & fried foods, especially since you were hungry!

Doc Manette said...

A huge victory! Yay to you!! Your quick dinner sounds delicious too.