Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A possible answer

After a bit of searching I stumbled across a recumbent bike on a Japanese site that allows me to pay at the convenience store. I was looking on Amazon before and found the same model, but it's by a marketplace seller so I couldn't use the cash-on-delivery or convenience store option. It's more expensive than the upright bike I was looking at before, but the weight limit is 110kg (which just happens to be my exact weight du jour), and I think it will be a lot more comfortable to use. And less likely to collapse out from under me. I hope.

It's still 20,000 cheaper than the other other bike, which puts it right at the top of what I was willing to spend so I feel much better about it.

It's here if anyone is interested. Nothing fancy, but it will get the job done.

How many days until payday? Here I was thinking I was through with counting down @(^_^)@....


ani pesto said...

Welcome back to HYC. I didn't do too well in 2008 either, re-joining almost 20kg higher than 2008. Don't let it deter you, we'll all get there together this time :-)

Glad you may have found a bike.

Princess Dieter aka Mir said...

I'd like to have my own recumbent bike, but I'm spending so much on a trainer, I just can't right now. I'd also have to FIND ROOM, which is tricky at the moment, given my huge amount of STUFF and CLUTTER which needs to get sorted (and overwhelms me).

Hope you loooove yours and it makes you fit as a fiddle.

The P