Monday, January 26, 2009

Planning FAIL

I cooked some chicken last night, intending to bring it to school with me for lunch, but then it smelt so good that I scarfed it all before I went to bed, D'oh! I could have made some more but at that point I didn't trust myself not to eat it again.

It was my own fault really. I was under on calories, which would have been fine if I'd gone to bed when I planned, but I remembered a lesson plan I needed to do at the last minute and was awake until early in the AM. It was meat so it was completely on plan, and I was fine on calories for the day overall, but if I'm honest it's probably not good to eat anything at 2AM, on plan or not.

It means I'm hungry now because I'm lunch-less. I managed to scramble an egg and an egg white really quickly this morning and eat it with a few cherry tomatoes, so things could be worse, Once the students have finished cleaning the staffroom (I always feel so awkward sitting here as they clean around us!) I will grab some water and eat the string cheese I stuck in my bag before I left.

I'm looking forward to my dinner tonight! I'm on such an aubergine kick at the minute. I love the little Japanese aubergine because they're not bitter the way the western varieties are, so you don't have to salt them first to remove it.

ETA: Dinner! (click for full size)

It's roughly diced chicken breast, aubergine, and green pepper, with some different herbs. Broccoli and green beans on the side. Take note of the final fantasy soda cans in the background (I bought them only for the cans, I don't drink soda).


Scale Junkie said...

Hungry and lunchless...Oh I've been there and that stinks. Can you grab a pack of almonds from somewhere? I try to keep a meal bar in my bag for these occasions and I tell myself its only for emergencies to keep myself from eating it when I shouldn't.

I love aubergines and I tend to buy the small ones, not all of them are bitter. An old woman I knew told me that you should cut off the end where the stem is, lick it, if its bitter throw it away.

Now I want aubergine for dinner, grilled with a bit of parm cheese oh yum! (So glad you didn't blog about chocolate cake)

Tully said...

I always want to eat the meals I prepare for later as well. :-) Your dinner looks delicious- enjoy!!!

SeaShore said...

Your dinner looks delicious!

Like Diana, I keep an emergency snack on hand, just in case!

Better luck next time with the meal plan :)