Thursday, January 29, 2009

Now is the early autumn of our discontent

The scale hasn't moved the last few days, a fact I shrugged off yesterday and the day before, but for some reason it stuck in my craw a little today. I've been eating to plan, so I know it will move eventually, but it' a little frustrating to wait. I seem to vaguely remember (did I block this out for the sake of my sanity?) going through something like this during my last stint on South Beach, I had some loss and then nothing for days and days while my body freaked out a little(I'll have to check my archives to see if the timing matches up).

That being said, I've only been on this diet, what? Five days? I've just realised that as I was typing this, so I really should give myself a break. I've lost a lot for that time frame (I was 113.2kg when I first stepped on the scale to see what the damage was on Saturday), but it's not the amount that's grating me. I'm thrilled will the numbers, just not the distribution. I like to see the difference every day, even if it's only tiny amounts that will lead to the same number, it keeps me motivated to eat right that day.

I know some of you will want to say 'stop weighing in every day, it will drive you crazy' but that's the way I work, I'm a need to know kind of girl. I completely understand that there are natural fluctuations in weight - and I think I could deal with those better - but that's not what's happening. It's just stuck in place, not going up or down.

Bah *shakes self* never mind. It will move when it moves. I need to make sure I up my calories some today, as they've been lower than I would like some days (I started tracking my food again). It was my own fault, yesterday I was making dinner and thinking about what I had to track, and realised that I had forgotten to eat breakfast. I remembered today, so I think the numbers should be more even today. For lunch I have leftover mabodofu and a little broccoli, remnants of last night's dinner, and a smoked string cheese pack. I'm not sure what dinner will be yet, but there is plenty of food in the kitchen so I'll decide at home. Hamburger maybe.


Diana Swallow said...

are you drinking enough water? Upping my water always gets the scale moving when I've been stuck for a while. Hang in there, it will MOVE!