Saturday, January 10, 2009


I did my first piece of organised exercise of 2009 today. Hurray! I intended to get right into it the moment I go home on the 6th, but somehow it didn't quite happen. Instead it became 'Well, I'm tired from the plane ride, I'll eat what I want tonight and start fresh tomorrow', which in turn became 'wow the house is a mess, I'll clean everything and then my environment will put me in the perfect head space for my 2009 weight loss extravaganza'. But then I didn't clean, or rather I did, but it didn't stay clean. And then I didn't have and groceries, but my trip to the supermarket led me to just buying binge food instead (as my 'Last (no really this time) Supper') and I woke up with a serious food hangover yesterday.

I have a routine with these things, you've heard it before. I like my apartment to be clean so that it's not making me feel bad, which leads to that feeling of a lack of control to spill into my food. Sometimes I even do the big clean and it feels great, but then it's taken long enough that I don't feel like exercising anymore, or I'm tired, or I let myself get distracted with something like a book I unearthed from under my laundry pile.

This morning I realised I was mentally bargaining with myself again ('It's the weekend, it would be better to start on Monday so that my weigh in next week will reflect a full weeks eating right') and I was finally honest enough with myself to just put my foot down and say no. So, my apartment is a bit of a state and I have dirty dishes in my sink, but I did my 2 mile WATP first anyway so I wouldn't wriggle out of it again, and took a nice shower after.

It's still a mess in here, I started blogging while I dry off, but it's OK. I know I can't stand the mess for long periods of time, so no matter what excuses come up, I will get it cleaned. The same can definitely not be said for getting up and doing my walking. I've marked the distance on my calendar and we'll see how many of the boxes can fill in this month. I think a lot of it is going to be trying to keep up the willpower and saying 'no, the chores will still be there, walk first' for as long as I can.

So yeah, 2 miles and hello 2009 weight loss effort. I didn't do so well with your brother 2008, so cut me a little slack would you?