Saturday, January 31, 2009

End of the month

Okay, so I weighed in this morning at 109.8kg again. That means that after one week on South Beach I have lost 3.4kg or 7.48lbs, which is a really good number. It also means that for January as a whole I didn't lose anything, but I did (by the skin of my teeth) manage to maintain.

It's been a very up and down month for me, but I think I have it under control now. I got back from my holiday having only gained a kilo, but couldn't quite get my head back into the mental space it needed to be when I returned to Japan. This led to me binging, a lot, and the inevitable weight gain that follows. I got up to 113.2 before facing the scale and giving myself a good talking to.

Now things are on much more of an even keel. The weight loss has dropped off the last few days (but with a big loss just before it I can understand that) so for the next week (month) I want to try and stay the course, and not let my frustrations at not seeing the number on the scale derail me. We'll see how that goes. I also want to continue tracking my food, I'm finding that really useful.

Hope everybody else had a good month, and if you've been finding hard, or struggling to get your resolutions started, this is a chance for a fresh start.


ani pesto said...

3.4kg that's an awesome result - way to go!

Hope you have a great week, this starting over stuff is tough but you sound very much on top of it.

Scale Junkie said...

Starting over is tough but I urge you to stop comparing your current weight to where you were. You've lost 7.48 pounds, forget about breaking even, take it from HERE and run with it.

YAY for a great loss that I KNOW will be followed with more great losses.

carla said...

Im with my fave woman SJ.

GREAT JOB THIS WEEK and try and compare it---as difficult as that is I know--to ONLY this week!

xo xo,


SeaShore said...

That's a great loss! Congratulations :)

Skinny Inside said...

Great job on getting back on track! Keep it up!

Claudelle's Weight Challenge said...

Well done. Hope you have a fabulous week.