Thursday, January 8, 2009


I went to Malaysia very excited about the food. I basically planned to eat KL, and anything else that was unfortunately enough to cross my path that didn't contain obvious metal spikes. Luckily, I also took my camera to a few of these meals, so you get some drool worthy pictures for this post!

We took a trip to Crab Island while we were there. It was about an hour on the train to get to Port Klang (every time I here the name I think the Klingons are coming!), and half and hour on the ferry to get to the Island. Total cost: 11.5 MYR (£2.15/$3.25). It was a small fishing community on a tiny Island, the majority of the population were Hokkien Chinese, and the whole village was built on stilts:

It being Crab Island, obviously we knew what we were having for lunch!



We also ordered prawns steamed with ginger:

It was so good! I'm definitely going to try making the steamed ginger prawn dish at home sometime.

Other food included yellow chicken curry laksa, with a coconut milkshake:

Cendol (a new favourite! Palm sugar, sweetcorn, red beans, grass jelly, starch noodles with pink and green food colouring, coconut milk and ice):

Thai Pineapple Rice:

and Peanut Pancakes from the street hawker in Petalang Street:

Not to worry, I did actually visit sites and do things other than eat, but so many pictures and so little time means that you will have to wait for another post to see them.


Lost Half of Me said...

Yes I am drooling! I love crab and shrimp so I am certainly jealous. Some of those other dishes look amazing too!

Wei Sic Meow said...


I am in the early stages of low carbing and I would cut off my arm for some chendol or ice kachang right now. What are you doing to me?!!