Thursday, December 11, 2008

In Control

When I gain control of one aspect of my life, the others seem less overwhelming, more manageable.

When I'm doing well on my weight loss, I keep my apartment clean and tidy, I take time to exfoliate and moisturize properly at night, I stick to my to-do lists and plan my lessons before the first period of the lesson day.

When I'm keeping in control of my finances I find it easier to lose weight because I'm budgeting my groceries. I cook more at home and I plan my meals, so I know what ingredients to buy and what I'll be using them for. That way they don't end up rotting in my fridge and being wasted.

When I'm in control at work and spend the day marking books and planning lessons, the momentum keeps me going. I arrive home and give the living room a tidy, or run the vacuum around the floors. I may even go so far as to put on an exercise DVD and do a mile.

It's a wonderful, glorious feeling, this control I have right now. I am this-close to being out of debt! THIS-CLOSE! I made a budget and I stuck to it and it's worked. What a concept. I was talking with my mum a couple of nights ago, and I made a plan. It has a few vague spots (err... job when I go home? Anyone?) but it's got a solid foundation. In the time between now and when I go home I am capable of saving £10,000 (assuming the exchange rates don't shoot up), which given the property market in England means that will be enough to pay a deposit on my own house. My Own House. You have no idea how excited that idea makes me. The mortgage payments would end up being the same or less than renting my own apartment, so I'd rather have something to show for it at the end. When I go home my mum is going help me find somewhere (she works in mortgages).

So I signed a form yesterday saying I intended to stay in Japan another year. It will mean I'll be leaving here in August 2010, having spent a total of three years here. I was really on the fence about staying earlier this year, but now that I know what I'm planning to do, rather than wandering a little lost and aimless, I feel much better about it. I have a goal and staying here for another year is vital to it.

There are times I feel a little guilty feeling so happy, with so many people facing uncertain and unstable futures. It just happens that with my working abroad and the yen being so strong (and the pound so weak) I'm in the perfect position to take advantage of the problems with the economy. I can take it for the opportunities it offers me, and I'm so thankful for that.

The weight plan is also there. It's a little harder to follow, but it's still possible. That's how I feel right now, like things will be OK, like everything is still possible, and not only possible but beginning to happen. I have to hold these words and know the shape of them, to learn their feel so I can call them back to me when I need their help.

Things making me happy right now:

I'm almost 23lbs down from the Christmas Challenge
I'm getting paid for my adult class tomorrow, so I'm on budget until payday next week.
I'm nearly out of debt
Including my Christmas presents, which I've already paid off
I'm going to the international preschool on the 20th to help with their Christmas party (oh the cuteness)
I'm going to USJ for the day on the 21st with my friend as our Christmas trip together.
I'm going to Malaysia on the 24th
I'm looking forward to 2009

A challenge for you all! Go to your blogs and write a list of things that are making you happy right now! Things are tough for a lot of people at the moment, it's a good time to remember the better things too.


Jenny said...

This post is so uplifting! Sounds like you really do have the momentum going, keep it up! You're doing so well with everything!

Take care,

Cammy@TippyToeDiet said...

I've also noticed the "spill-over" of control in one area (fitness) to others (household). I must say I like it! :)

I'm so happy you're so happy! I can't imagine anyone would begrudge you your success and the sacrifices you've made for it. Go YOU!