Tuesday, December 9, 2008

What's this?

I don't check the Internet all day and there is nary an update on my weight-loss reader list? Gah! I have no classes tomorrow guys, I'm going to be relying on you stop me stabbing out my own eyes from boredom.

Today was really busy. I was teaching 3 classes in a row, starting first period, and then we had to do all the prep for the special English Club Christmas Cookie baking. The actual baking was done after school with the group, so I didn't get home until about an hour ago.

Cookie baking wasn't exactly in my eating schedule so I did the best I could. I did eat some, but only three or so. I was going to bring the tin of cookies home with me to take to my adult class on Friday for a snack time present. After eating my third cookie I realised how monumentally stupid that would be of me and calculated the probability of them actually making it to Friday in my head. It didn't look good. I left them in my staff room after passing the around the other teachers. Tomorrow I'm going to give some of them to the teachers I like that don't sit in my room with me, and then leave them open on the table for whoever wants them afterward. I don't really like them that much, the dough came out too wet because we couldn't chill it, so instead of rolling it out we improvised some little drop cookies. The texture was a little too cake-y for my tastes (if I'm going to have a cookie I like it to taste like one) because they were thicker than they were meant to be, but I know if I brought them home or kept them near me I'd just keep picking at them regardless of taste.

The students seemed to have a really good time anyway, so that was worthwhile.


Chrissie said...

Cookie baking seems like fun. I made some cookies last night. They didn't actually turn out that great.

Cammy@TippyToeDiet said...

Huge NSV for you! And plain good fortune for your teacher friends. :)

Way to go!