Friday, December 26, 2008

KL: Day 2 and other disasters

Hee, I'm exaggerating a little, there was only one major cock-up today and that was the devastation of me somehow breaking my camera! I was taking a picture of some birds in Negara Zoo and out the corner of my eye I saw a big black thing land on my hand. Not realising it was a butterfly I let out a very controlled 'Mrrfph!' and jerked it off my hand while diving to one side. I didn't drop my camera but I think when I jerked it I knocked something out of alignment because the lens refused to move in and out so I couldn't take pictures. I tried to fix it but had no luck, and then tried to take it to a camera shop to get it fixed and got the expected spiel of how I should buy a new camera instead. I ended up going to Plaza Low Yat (an electronics mall where you can get cheaper deals) and buying a new one. It's the same Olympus brand so I can keep my memory card with the photos I already had, and I'll be able to use the same battery so I'll have a spare. Malaysia and the UK have the same plugs so I can use my old charger in Japan (I
bought the one that broke in Japan) and keep the Malay one for home. It's a better camera and pink!

This means I get a FAIL for budgeting. Or does it? I was counting out my money so I could rebudget how much I had for each day, and I realised that I had somehow counted an extra day in the first time (wprkign with 12 days instead of 11), so I had a bit more money than I thought in the beginning. I only spent about half the money I had planned out for today, so adding that all together I was only a little behind. Woohoo! Money and a new camera, score! I have about 170MYR a day now instead of 200, so I'm pretty well set.

We had a gorgeous dinner tonight, pineapple rice and barbecue beef. I have food pictures but won't be able to upload them until I'm home. Now that I know there is easy Internet access here I'm going to try and blog when I can so I don't forget anything, it's hard to come home with two weeks worth of stuff to condense down otherwise.


Tully said...

LOL about the camera, I know it's not funny, but it is something I would do!

I hope your trip is going well and I can't wait to see all the photos posted when you get back!

Best wishes for 2009 my sweet. :-)

Princess Dieter aka Mir said...

Looking forward to your return, girl! I do hope your holiday has been going swell and fine!

Was thinking of you today as I watched some Japanes anime (been watching loads being sick and stuck home on the couch). Such fun--Saiyuki, GunSword...

See you soon. Happy New Year...

The P<--hopes you have pics for us