Thursday, December 25, 2008

KL: Christmas Day

Just grabbed the Internet in the lounge of our hostel to say Merry
Christmas! The travelling took ages but we got here eventually. I'm
having a really good time! We were a little worried because we realised
(on the plane, after we had gone to the bureaude change) that there was
a really small limit on how much of the local currency you could carry
into the country. After some creative filling in of the declaration
forms we were really freaking a little about how seriously they would
take it, that was until we saw the Russians in front of us in the queue
very obviously bribe the customs lady by slipping money into his
passport ("so, these two women are my daughters"). After that we
were less panicked that they would be checking our declaration

I'm really happy. The budget hotel we are in is
really nice, and the owners are very helpful and friendly. I thought
cleanliness might be an issue (as it is in many hostels) but everything
is pristine. I was also worried how everything would be after last
years trip not going very well, but the girl I'm with and I seem to
have really similar ideas to how we want to spend our time and are
getting on really well. After this we're getting on the monorail and
heading to China Town for some lunch, and then maybe to the night
market in that area. The city is much nicer than Bangkok was, less
dirty and broken down. I don't feel as worried about walking around