Tuesday, December 2, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

I took the day off from work this morning. It wasn't planned, but I woke up late so was rushing around, then went into the bathroom to discover that the drip bucket I'd put under the pipe was filled right to the very top so the moment I picked it up to change it I sloshed water everywhere, then went to put my contacts in and they burned because they hadn't cleaned properly in the different solution I used.

I decided then and there that if this was indicative of how my day was going to be then I was staying home. A quick call to work and it was all squared, it is exam week this week so I have no lessons (just books to mark).

Today has been good. I went back to bed or more sleep and have eaten on plan so far today. I think if I can just keep to phase one for a while I'll feel better in a more controlled head space.

I went shopping yesterday and got my Christmas decorations. I haven't put them up yet, I think that will be something for this weekend, but I'm happy I've got them. Last year I didn't bother because I was going away, so it didn't really feel like Christmas, but this year I don't leave until Christmas Eve so I'm going for it. I got a cute little door wreath for my front door (I was so close to getting the one that said 'Merry Winter', Japan gets English confused a little sometimes) and I have a little fake tree. I wanted to get snow spray for my windows but they were out of it at the dollar store, that's probably for the best.


Chrissie said...

What great decorations. I am so in the mood for Christmas this year. And my post today is called the same exact thing.

Kathryn said...

OMG I want a Merry Winter wreath - the perfect decoration for an Australian christmas!