Saturday, December 6, 2008


おいしかった: oishikatta 'it was delicious!'.

The meal went really well. I ate some things that aren't on plan (three things to be precise), but they were Japanese sized portions so I don't feel bad about it. I took pictures of everything so prepare yourself for a pic heavy post.

Ready? OK.

We had a French-style (well, the Japanese version of a French style!) meal, and it was bloody gorgeous. We started with a light sashimi (raw fish) course, served in a hollowed out grapefruit:

This was followed by a bowl of onion soup, and the first of my contraband items, two little bread rolls. One was くるみ (kurumi walnut) bread, and the other was ごま (goma sesame) bread:

Next came our second fish course (I cut into it and then remembered the picture, sorry!). It was a big prawn, a scallop, a type of white fish (though sadly I don't know the name) and a piece of asparagus, with some kind of sauce on it:

This was followed by our meat course, a lovely piece of rare beef, atop a slice of 大根 (daikon Japanese white radish), with a kind of mustard vinaigrette reduction? Again, I'm not entirely sure what was in the sauce:

The beef came with a side potato salad (contraband number 2!) topped with crab, served in a tomato, The scoop was small enough that I'm not worrying too hard about it:

Finally, we finished with contraband number 3, a cake and fruit dessert plate:

I love my adult class. I panic some times over what to do with them, because I feel like I should be better at teaching them, because I want them to love the class because I like them so much. The class has been going on forever. As in, there are people who have been in the class since it's conception 37 years ago. Last time they showed me a picture of the same class (and most the same members, though a few of the slightly younger ones weren't there) and on the back it was dated May 12th 1983, which is 6 days before I was born.

They're always happy and excited to see me there, and always want to give me things or show me things. I only wish my senior high school kids could be so enthusiastic! (though to be fair, some of them are). Today we were on the bus back from the hotel (it was a hotel shuttle bus, taking us all home) and we had dropped off all but three people and me. Emi (the youngest member of the group, early thirties, very cool) came over and told me that when I came into the hotel today Ohichi-san (the oldest member of the group at 88, he was in the very first class all those years ago) said to her in Japanese that I looked especially beautiful today, particularly my face. I had made an effort with my outfit and done full make-up as usually all I can do before a regular class is slap on my mascara/lip gloss and then go in my work clothes. The fact that it was the first thing he noticed was sweet, especially considering I wouldn't expect him to notice those kinds of things.

Fantastic night - I regret nothing!


WWSuzi said...

That is one of the most beautiful meals i've seen!! And good for you on just enjoying it.

Anonymous said...

That meal looks scrumptious! I wouldn't worry about points/contraband on that one since everything looked so little...