Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trick and Treat

I went to the party and didn't order any food from the bar (me: "Guys? If I try and buy anything tonight, punch me right in the neck"). I didn't have time to eat before I went but I had a bowl of vegetable chili and brown rice when I got home.

The night was good, I had a lot of fun, but there was an incident about an hour or so before everything ended. One of the Irish JETs who came to the party is fine to get along with when he's sober but very Jekyll and Hyde when he's drunk. We had spoken for a few minutes earlier within a small group of people and he was drunk but very nice and friendly. As the night went on he was a little worse for where and he started getting nasty. It's really bizarre to watch because it comes completely out of left field. He is charming and complimentary one second and then trying to pick a fight with the random guy standing by him the next. We spoke for a few minutes later and again almost overly friendly, until he says goodbye and turns to the girl behind him and says "She's a lesbian, she's fat and ugly, she must be a lesbian" with me standing right there. The girl (completely unimpressed) told him he can't talk about people that way and he looks at me and makes a quick exit. A few seconds later he wandered back to the group and looked at me and smiled and said 'You look beautiful tonight'. I looked at him like I had just scraped him off the bottom of my shoe and he left again. The thing about him is that I get the feeling that he thinks he can just smooth stuff over (ahh, the confidence of a drunkards charm). If we both follow the rules and pretend it never happens he'll be extra nice to me the rest of the night because he's been a dick.

I pretty much ignored him for the next hour or two, not making a point of not talking to him, just not doing it. As people started leaving I walked past where he was standing and he said "oh are you serious" half to me, half thinking out loud. I could tell he knew he was in the wrong, and he just wanted me to smile back and pretend nothing had happened and suddenly I was just so fucking angry. I had spoken to my friend about it and he's said some bad things about a few people that night. Why should I pretend? So I turned to him, fairly calm outwardly, and said "What" in a rather pointed tone. He could see I was actually still pretty angry and started to back-pedal "nothing, nothing" but I decided I was sick of this and said rather aggressively "no, do you have something to say to me?". He said no and I said "Then Shut Up" and walked away.

A girl I was chatting to later (stunning girl, so I know he's not just gunning for the fatties) told me good job on standing up to him because he had been spewing stuff to her earlier. I get so sick of people thinking that what they're saying acceptable as long as they don't get caught, or so long as the people involved are so embarrassed they're willing to sweep it under the rug.

Bah. I was of two minds whether to post this or not, so I'm disabling comments.

In other, better, news, I went to the party dressed as Dorothy from Wizard of Oz, and someone else unexpectedly came as the Wicked Witch of the West. It was completely unplanned by us and led to us getting nominated for best duo costume! Unexpected Awesomeness!