Monday, November 10, 2008

Not looking a gift horse in the mouth

After my last post I felt like I was really ready to go for it again. I exercised twice last week, only twice, and only WATP 1 mile, but it felt good to know that I was doing it. I mentioned that I didn't think I'd see a loss before the Christmas Challenge today, but wanted to for next week.

Turns out I was wrong.

I have been improving on my eating, primarily through just eating at home more than anything, rather than giving in to outside sources. I woke up today to check my weight so I would know the difference for next week, and it tuns out I'm down 1.4kg/3.08lbs from my low weight of 111.6kg more than a month ago. I've stepped on the scale between then and now and have always been 112.6 or something around there, slightly above my low. Today I was 110.2 and it felt nice (surprising, but nice!) to be well away from those sticking kilos. I think perhaps I was borderline with my eating and exercise and those two small workouts and eating in just pushed me over the tipping point.

Whatever the reason, I'm not about to question it too hard.

I realised last night that I probably wouldn't be able to persuade myself to leave my bed too early now that it's turned chilly, so I put my pork stew ingredients in the slow cooker before I went to bed and just set it on low. I added a little more water before I left this morning, but other than that I think it was a good idea to get it over with the night before. No way would I have had time otherwise, bed is just too warm.


Cinderella Big Butt said...

I can totally relate to your challenges!
Is it bad that the thing that struck a chord with me was the pork? And that now I feel a bizarre urge to make pork?


Diana Swallow said...

Our bodies are weird. It sounds like mixing it up a bit was exactly what your body needed to kick it into gear again. Seeing that fabulous number is surely quite motivational! YAY!

Chrissie said...

Good job on the loss. That's awesome. I agree with Scale Junkie. Our bodies are weird. Sometimes I have no clue on what to expect at WI.

Cammy@TippyToeDiet said...

Woo-hoo! Way to go! It would've been sooooo easy to just give in, but you dug in and worked it out!