Sunday, November 9, 2008

Nearly 6 weeks

Is how long I've been at the same weight. I lost a large amount at the beginning of the Christmas Challenge, and then went off the rails. It is a long time to have wasted.

I did manage to stay pretty much at the same weight though (somehow, I was really surprised given how much I ate). Over the last two weeks I've been trying to eat a better (though not exactly following 'a plan' as such) but then I was on my period so I couldn't weigh in.

Today I stepped on the scale and it showed me a low number. Not a new number, but the lowest I saw back at the end of September. This is good, but still in that same kilo. I feel like if I can just break in to the next one then things will start moving properly again, so for now I'm trying to eat more carefully so that the scale can inch down. I don't think that I'll see the new number before this weeks CC weigh in, but I'm going to make a push for next week. I've neglected it too long.

I'm also thinking of sending home extra money when I get paid next month. It will make life a little more difficult for me, but have two positive effects. Firstly, I'll pay off more of my credit card before I go to Malaysia, which will be a really good idea as the chances are I will use my card while I'm there. (I'm quite excited, if I can keep a handle on my spending, which I may be able to do if my parents send me money for Christmas, then I'll only have a couple more payments to do after the next one. I could be finished paying it off by March). It will also force me to think about what I'm buying, and therefore what I'm eating, as it has this month. Cooking for myself more has been a big help and I should continue with it, I'm too likely to go the easy route and just get a store bento or something.

My slow cooker arrived a couple of days ago and it is the cutest thing. The weather took a rather enthusiastic foray into single digits for the first time yesterday, leading me to make a stew in it and, I'm ashamed to say, put on the Christmas music. My whole apartment was warm and cosy and smelt like home. I still have half the stew in the cooker nice and warm so I'm going to have it for dinner.

My new cooker!


Diana Swallow said...

Christmas music...I can't play Christmas music until after Thanksgiving.

Love the little slow cooker, do I spy a beef stew cooking away? I'm making a pot roast in mine today.

This is typically the time of year I coast on weight loss and then give in to the holiday gluttony and wake up on New Years Day with a sugar hangover and clothes that are bulging at the seams. I just can't do that this year. I've agreed to let myself eat whatever I want on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Years Eve, the other days in between are just days and calorie limits must be maintained. Yeah, I'm babbling on your blog...sorry LOL