Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I've got a curry bubbling away on the stove and some brown rice in the rice cooker. This means that tomorrow (or rather, the day after tomorrow, as the pan of curry is so big) that I'll have to go shopping and get some more food. I know grocery day is close when I make Japanese-style curry, because I only ever make it to use up all the sad, old vegetables left in my fridge and freezer. Today's remnants include half a cabbage, half a container of mushrooms, some frozen mixed vegetables, an onion, and what was left in a bag of frozen shrimp. It's a good 'get everything gone' meal.

The watch-word for my next grocery shop is cheap. To that end I have to plan what I'm making so that I don't waste cash on stuff that will hang around for days and eventually end up in the next curry I make.

I'm quite impressed with how many dinners I've managed to get out of the things I had left in my house, I was expecting to run out before now. It makes me think about how much money I spend on things like groceries when I'm not forced to watch everything carefully, it's quite surprising how much cheaper I can go and still eat reasonably well.


Melzie said...

LOL! It's nearing grocery time here as well. I hate to do it though, but I made my husband do it last time, and he seriously came home with nothing. LOL!

Chrissie said...

The left overs sound awesome.

Julia said...

Hey there, lurker here! You sound just like me! When I go shopping just for "dieting" I come back with barely anything however. ;(