Thursday, November 13, 2008

The cold that never ends

I called my supervisor last night and told her I wouldn't be coming in to work today. I have been going to work this week because I have had some lessons to teach, and with the exams coming up they would be difficult to rearrange. Today I wasn't scheduled for any lessons though, and while I technically could have gone and sat through it as I have been the rest of the days, there didn't seem much point in it if I wasn't going to be missing anything. She seemed OK with it, and I told her I would come in tomorrow so that I wouldn't miss my third year class.

I'm still losing, but I'm hoping it's not just dehydration or something because I'm ill. I don't want to see it bounce back up afterwards.

I woke up and my throat was kind of awful (maybe dry from the night?), I can feel my body having to make an effort when I swallow now. I looked in the mirror and holy crap my tonsils are swollen and covered in these white pus spots (which, incidentally, look about as attractive as they sound). A quick search online convinced me I wasn't going to die or anything. I don't have the other symptoms or fatigue that would lead me to believe mono or anything serious, so it's just a bad cold/flu thing. I was going to go to the English speaking doctor in Taki, but the trains to the station next to his surgery are super-irregular, so I would have been waiting hours to get back.

I have about the equivalent of $80 in my bank, which has me breathing a little sigh of relief. I know all my bills have go out for this pay period, and I've just been shopping for groceries (once I had counted up the money in my purse I realised I had more than I thought) using just the cash I had on me, so I think I'm fine until payday on the 21st. Money has really been worrying me this month because I didn't pay attention at the beginning of the month and spent far more than I thought. Being forced to live frugally, coupled with deciding to cook at home more, has made me realise how cheaply I am capable of living though. I mentioned before that I'm actually thinking of sending extra home on payday and just scraping through the month again. It sounds a little crazy considering how worried I was about it this time around, but payday comes on the 19th next time because the 21st is a Sunday so it finishes a little earlier.

I can't wait until I've finished paying everything. It's going to be awesome. Looking at my figures I've revised my numbers a little and think with a bit of restraint I could be finished paying stuff off as early as the end of January! This is mostly because both my parents have decided to send me money as my Christmas present this year, so I can make a payment in December using that instead of skipping a month (the usual funds are coming with me to Kuala Lumpur). I almost want to leave my credit card here so I can't run it up while I'm on holiday, but I don't want to risk something happening and being stuck somewhere without any money.


Cammy@TippyToeDiet said...

I'm so sad you're still feeling poorly, and I hope you'll feel better soon!

You know, I wouldn't have wished it on anyone, but your financial "mishap" and how you've responded to it, have inspired me to rein in my own spending and do a better job of living frugally. It may become a necessity in the near future, and it will hurt so much less if I start now. :)

WWSuzi said...

"hugs" hope you feel better soon!! Congrats on paying up the bills, that's going to be my goal to get a better handles on my bills this year!!