Friday, November 21, 2008


It's pay-day! Best day of the month!

I ducked out of school during lunch because I'd taught my one lesson of the day so didn't have anything to get back for. I walked to the bank and after a few calculations decided to send 140,000 yen home. The exchange rate, which has been dropping like a stone recently, had another dip today because of the stock market drops, so I really wanted to do it today. If you don't do it before 3pm it's classified as the next business day, which means you have to take your chances with the number tomorrow.

I also paid my rent and updated my pass book. A pass book is a little book you can get updated at the ATM, it's like a bank statement because they don't send them to you here. Checking my balance I figured out that once I'd factored in my bills and utilities I have about 10,000 yen a week to live on (about... $100? It's hard to give an exact amount because the rates are changing so rapidly), which works out perfectly!

I know I've been going on about money a lot just recently, mostly because of my lack of it, but it feels so good to be this close to finishing with everything. My parents are sending me money for Christmas so that will mean I can make a payment in December even though I'm taking what I would usually save to KL with me. Depending on how much they send me I may be able to just make the same 140,000 payment in January (that's the maximum I can really send without causing myself problems) and then it could be over and I can start saving. My savings are going to be my other big goal of 2009 (you can probably guess what my first goal is yeah?). With my next contract period definitely being my last I need to save as hard as I can so that I can afford a place to live when I get back to the UK.

Of course, this all depends on me not using my credit card and thus upping the balance. Sadly with Christmas coming that isn't entirely possible. I've already bought some presents, but I still have 5 more and a birthday present to buy with my UK funds, my friends will be paid for with my Japanese money so I'm not overly concerned by that. I think (given what I'm getting) that this will add another £200 to my total.

3 day weekend!