Saturday, November 15, 2008


The time my medicine wore off to the point that the pain was unbearable and I had to get up to take my pills.

Unfortunately with so many pills it's quite a process. I had one of my throat candies to numb it slightly, and gargled my blue rinse. Then I had to make oatmeal for breakfast because I have to take the other three pills after food. I waited for the pain in my throat to disappear and went back to bed at 5:30am to get some more sleep. Thank God it's Saturday so that I can actually do that. I got up again around 12:30, having had some more sleep.

I know I've been whining a lot the past week, so I'd like to focus on some positives for a moment.

1) Being on this medication is forcing me to eat three proper meals a day. I'm quite bad at this, especially the timing. If it's a school day I often don't have time, or if I manage to get breakfast in I'll forget lunch or something. If it's the weekend I'll usually sleep through breakfast. I don't quite know how it will work when I'm back at school because the kids here eat lunch quite early and I'm suppose to have pills every 8 hours, but we'll see.

2) My illness has been awesome for my weight loss. This may be related to number 1, and may be related to the types of food I'm eating now. With the difficulties swallowing I was going to oatmeal and stew, a lot of the junk stuff is difficult to eat because it's rough on my throat. I'm really hoping it's not just sickie-dehydration, if I bounce back up afterwards I'm going to be really sad. I will possibly expect a maintenance week though.

3) I weighed myself this morning and saw a tiny (0.2 kg) drop from my low point so far this. After I got up from my second sleep I got on the scale again and the loss was much bigger, which felt good. It always amazes me how much proper sleep can make a difference to the reading.

I'm actually looking forward to the Christmas Challenge WI this week!


Diana Swallow said...

I'm glad you can find the bright side of being sick, hopefully you'll feel better and your regular meal habit will last!

SeaShore said...

I hope you're on the mend soon.