Thursday, October 23, 2008

Disappearing Act

Wow, so that week and a half went by quite quickly!

The Good I tidied my house after that last post, a complete tidy right down to cleaning the bathrooms, and it made me feel much better. I've pretty much kept it clean since (though the rubbish needs taking out but I keep missing the collection).

I'm feeling quite good. Not over the top great, not awful, steady.

The Bad: My eating did not follow the major clean. I have been to the supermarket late night several times this week. I have come home and binged. I avoided my blog and however I may feel now, I have to get myself to at least be honest and admit behaviour like this when it happens instead of vanishing the way I do.

The Not So Ugly: I finally weighed myself this morning (my blog wasn't the only thing I was avoiding) and it came out as only 0.8kg higher that my last official weigh in. It's a little discouraging to think that this is where I was a month ago (almost to the day), but it could of (should of?) been so much worse.

So that's where I am. If I take three steps forward and two steps back that's still progress right? Today has been fine, I ate my carbohydrate at lunch-time when I went to Sato (a restraint in the city centre) and had beef suki-udon (a Kansai regional variation on a classic Nabe dish. The wiki picture (with the on-table gas ring) is very accurate, though mine was a single person set. I always find it fun to eat). I think if I look back and am honest, I could have started eating properly sooner than this, but I've been busy and just kept putting off for tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow. I'm busy this weekend too but I'm going to do my best, eventually I have to learn how not to let everything go to pot when I have to work around real life.

Another thing I keep putting off is starting exercise again. I walk to school and back, but I do nothing organised.

ETA: Does anyone know if miso soup is allowed on South Beach? If it's not then maybe today wasn't completely on plan...


Emma said...

Well done for getting yourself back on track. Don't dwell on the last couple of weeks. We all go off the plan sometimes.

I have awarded you an 'I Love Your Blog' over on my blog.

Have a great weekend

@Fat4Now said...

Great read :)