Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I'm out of porridge oats and eggs (note to self: go shopping later) which left me with a starch to use this lunch time. Unfortunately allowed starched can be difficult to find here, but I finally decided on a chicken/tomato/vegetable pasta sauce, over soba noodles instead of regular spaghetti.

It tasted fine, but after some research I've realised that I used too much pasta! On the phase 2 food list it says that a serving is 3/4 cup cooked noodles but I had some problems with the cup to gramme conversion rate. I was under the impression that a cup was 250g, which would make 3/4 cups 187.5g (which is what I ate). Now I'm reading online that a cup of pasta is 140g? It's frustrating! I wish there were a way to find out for sure what exactly the conversions are, too many websites contradict each other.

The pasta comes in 100g dry bundles, so I cooked one and then measured out the cooked weight serving, leaving me with a little left over (not much). As I'm in the second week of phase 2 I can add another portion of starch to my day (for a total of two), so I think I'll have the small left over for dinner with the rest of the sauce. Hopefully overall that should even things out and it should make 2 servings total.


Lovebug6100 said...

Thanks for checking out my blog!! Where are you from?

Mal said...

I think that what's important -- and I hope you can get to this point -- is not the very fine details of this or that, but the progress you are making and the great differences in how you are eating now from how you ate before. I firmly believe that these tiny little differences will not make or break us. It's more important that you are trying and that you are eating more healthily and mindfully than before.

I guess what I'm saying is -- hang in there! You're doing great! There is no perfection, in the end.