Monday, September 29, 2008


Lost this week: 0.8KG/1.76LBS
Total lost: 15LBS

I have mixed feelings about my weigh in today. I had a slightly lower number on Friday (I had lost a kilo instead of 0.8) and that was before the weekend, so if I'm honest with myself I probably could have been stricter and seen better numbers this week. I ate out Friday night, Saturday evening and Sunday lunch though, so the reduced result isn't wholly unexpected. I've already been through what I ate on Friday, and Sat/Sun I ate completely on plan at the restaurant, but there's no way to know how much sodium is in the food (whereas I don't add it to my own cooking). On the plus side I still managed to scrape through hitting a 15LB loss overall, meaning I was still able to change my Christmas Challenge button, which is helping me not get too down in the dumps about it. For next week I want the losses to continue but for me to have a completely clean week with lots of sleep so I can lose a full kilo (2.2LBS) next time.

The weather has finally turned - hurray! Today I actually wore a light coat for my walk to school. It was kind of bizarre though, I never expected the seasons to be so punctual. We had the typhoon, then some hot days (though without the crippling humidity), then came the Autumn public holiday and BAM! Much cooler weather/rain/grey skies (I'm not complaining, I love it). In Japan even the weather is more efficient.


Martha said...

You are doing great! And, you're beautiful! Love your haircut:-)

Jenny said...

Hey there!

Thanks for commenting on my blog, I am super excited about WW meetings!!

I was reading some of your blog posts and will make this a blog I will frequent, keep up the great work!

JanetM97 said...

You are doing so well on the Christmas challenge! congrats! :)