Monday, September 15, 2008

WI Day

After one week on phase 1 of the South beach diet I am officially down:

5kg/11lbs. Which is nuts.

Whenever I'd sneak a look on the scale I'd think 'ok, don't get your hopes up to high', and then 'oooh, 4lbs, I hope I can keep that until Monday', and then '7lbs, that must be because I was on my period to start with so my original weigh it was a kilo or two higher than usual'. By the time I hit double figures I was just thinking 'Wow, this has to stop some time!'.

So there you have it. SB says that in the first two weeks you can expect to loose between 8-13lbs and I have now done that. I'm going to do my second week of induction (and hopefully *fingers crossed* ride this weight loss wave a little longer) and then I have to switch to phase 2 and start adding fruit/starch back in.

I made a few mistakes this last week. One was the corn snack incident mentioned in this blog a few days ago. The other was misunderstanding what I could eat, and so eating yogurt as my evening snack/dessert a few times this week before I realised I couldn't. On three (separate) days, I've eaten a digestive biscuit for a snack when the cravings got to me. I chose digestive because they're 70% whole-grain/wholewheat and I'd say fairly low in sugar, so by controlling myself and only having one I managed to get a little carb hit that didn't trigger bigger cravings and didn't kick my body out of it's low carb status.

It's been a good week. The cravings weren't bad (and when I had them I think they were more emotional responses than actual cravings) and they faded as the week continued.


Princess Dieter aka Mir said...

11 pounds. SWEET! You must have been hoarding a lot of water woman! That's probably about 3-4 pounds fat and 7-8 lbs water! The Asian food, maybe?

I love yogurt. I have a Fage every day (the one with cherry on the side). That would have to go if I did SoBe. :(

Keep going. I'd love to see how you do once the 2 week initial phase is over. :)

the P

Irish Mom said...

Sweet!! 11 pounds is awesome, congrats for you!!

Martha said...

11 pounds! You rock! (Don't get discouraged if it slows down, though low carb diets are like that)

Mary :: A Merry Life said...

11 pounds is ridiculously cool, but don't expect that to keep happening. Its not really healthy or sustainable. But the

Holly said...

Kudos to you!! Not only on losing the 11 but for sticking to your plan all week! Keep it up!

Lana said...

I'm only on day 3 of South Beach and I SO hope my results are as good as yours. WTG=WAY TO GO!!!