Friday, September 19, 2008

Thanks Princess

First off thank you to The Princess for this encouraging blogger award!

I'm glad you like my comments and thank you for yours! You would be first on my list to give this award to, but others have already beat me to it! You always comment no matter how long I disappear for and believe me, I'm grateful for it.

Today I had a cake/tart thing (imagine a bakewell tart-esque construction without the icing on top, and flavoured differently). I was at my private lesson and they always bring little snacks to have at tea break. This lady had brought them to class as souvenirs of a trip she took this month and I really couldn't refuse. They get so excited giving me things and to refuse would really hurt their feelings (they wouldn't tell me that, but I know it would, it's just the culture here).

I freaked out a little bit about it when I got home, but then I stopped and thought about it rationally. The SB is low-carb, but not so low that it sends your body into ketosis (ketosis? Is that the right term? something like that) so it won't cause me to gain pounds the way sneaky carbs used to when I was on Atkins. It may kick start cravings as it's pretty much the first sugar and flour I've had since the beginning of this, but if that happens I'll have to deal with it.

I've got to stop thinking of this as 'cheating'. I think it's because I want to lose weight this week but don't think I will because of last week's loss. But if I step on the scale Monday and there's no change (or it fluctuates up)even tough it's irrational I know I'm going to think of this moment right now and the cake I ate.

I have to learn get myself to actually believe that these things can be in my day occasionally and not throw me off the ravine edge into disaster. I don't quite believe it yet because I lose control so easily when I keep those things in the house, it's never one from a pack, it's the whole pack or nothing (hence the reason why I don't keep things like that in my apartment). One day I want to get myself to a point (whatever I weigh) when my relationship with things I consider 'treats' is normal. No, not normal, meaningless. I want to be able to keep things you should enjoy in moderation around and not break down or spend the day obsessing over the fact that they're there.

SB is helping. I'm a little nervous about moving into the next, more flexible phase, because I don't want the cravings to come back, and I don't want to plateau.


Princess Dieter aka Mir said...

Hey, the award colors go well with your blog decor. :)

One tart does not a diet break. A tart every day, well... :) Hope you enjoyed it, just go back to your SB plan and all will be well.

Cravings suck. I did try low carb for a couple months some years ago, and frankly, I never got over the desire for pizza and bread and pasta. And those Frankenfoods that low-carbers use to sub for wheat and corn and pasta and such--they're pretty awful. I'd rather have a whole wheat pita pizza and just let it go than eat fake food.

Anyway, hope you are happy when you step on the scale. You've lost pretty much the whole enchilada for SB in one week (I only lost 8 pounds when I did Phase one for two weeks, and I hated hated hated it, all that ricotta and lettuce roll ups. Since I can't eat seafood, it got old.)

Happy Weekend,
The P