Monday, September 8, 2008


Be proud of me my eBrethren, though I awoke with only 20 minutes to go before I had to leave I managed to get up and dressed, saute a chicken breast so I could throw together a bento of chicken, cherry tomatoes and string cheese, and both make and scoff a quick breakfast omelet while simultaneously packing my laptop bad and wielding my mascara and toothbrush (thankfully in approximately the right areas of my face). MULTI-TASKING: I HAS IT.

The result of which means that I started my venture into low-carbing as planned, if at a slightly more frantic pace than first hoped for. I'm using the string cheese for a morning and afternoon snack and the chicken/tomatoes for lunch. I'm not sure what I'm having for dinner yet, but it will probably be some kind of protein with either spinach or cabbage.

In other news I just booked my hotel for Malaysia (you are going to be sooo sick of hearing about Kuala Lumpur by the time I go). We ended up spending slightly more ($18-24/night rather than $11-14/night) so that we could have a budget hotel rather than a hostel with shared facilities. We had a lovely looking hotel in mind but after some hard digging on the interwebs I uncovered a veritable plague of bad reviews for the place, so we decided to spend a little more and get somewhere that had excellent reviews across the board.


Kathryn said...

What would we do without the internet? Imagine the old days when you'd turn up the hotel to find out it was crap! I've had a few places in mind for my hol that had awful reviews. Malaysia sounds like a fun spot for holiday.