Thursday, September 25, 2008

Mental Health Day

Utterly sick of sitting useless in my staffroom, and even less excited at the prospect of having to sit useless outside my staffroom for the next two days, I took vacation. I woke up late in a much better mood and had a relaxed oatmeal brunch.

I was going to stay in for the day, and then head to the mall tomorrow to find some red shoes and a toy basket and dog to complete my Dorothy Halloween costume, but I decided mid-afternoon that I would walk to the bank and transfer some money home. I'm trying to pay off a chunk of my credit card before I go to KL, the funds I sent today should cover about a third of it. I'm guessing the walk was just under a mile each way? I'm not sure, but it was nice to get out and though the sky was overcast, the temperature was perfect.

The scale isn't showing dramatic change, little fluctuations mainly, but for the moment I'm a kilo down thus far so I'm hoping I can keep a handle on that at the very least, as it will mean I make this week's goal to get a new badge from the Christmas Challenge.

I think I'm going to have chicken with sauteed green beans and onions for dinner.


Princess Dieter aka Mir said...

Oh, you HAVE to upload pics of the Dorothy outfit and shoes!!!!

Now you've given me an oatmeal craving. Maybe I'll put the slow cooker on and have some when I wake up. Mmmm. With cinnamon and raisins. Mmmmm.

The P

Princess Dieter aka Mir said...

Yep. I like how it comes out in the slow cooker--on low, about 2 hours, sometimes 3 if I forget. Hah. It comes out so creamy.

Five minutes? Are you using quick cookign? I like the old-fashioned one that you have to cook longer. And in saucepans, I don't get it as creamy as I like without it being there for quite a while on a low heat.

What's nice about the slow-cooker is I dont' have to pay attention. Oats. Water. Heat. Go and do something until it's the way I like it.

I add milk after, too. But when I get nostalgic, missing my mom, etc--I make it with milk like she did. Very milky, almost soupy. Comforting.

The P

Princess Dieter aka Mir said...

Oh, and it's great with canned peaches. Adore oatmeal with canned peaches, sprinkled with Splenda and cinnamon. Mmm.

The P

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