Sunday, September 14, 2008

Interwebs comes through for me again

Searching for a South Beach phase one recipe for dinner brought me to this Shrimp, broccoli and red pepper stir-fry that I am currently sat eating for dinner. On the whole it's very nice, though I've added a little too much lemon, I'll remember that next time. I've been careful to get my veggies in while on induction, but I'll admit I was getting a little bored of my dinners being 'portion of meat, veg on the side'. Trying something like this means it's injected a little life into things, and has also got me eating some seafood as my protein for a change.

Weigh in tomorrow! Excitement! Also a little nervous, If I have a big loss I don't want to plateau for the next few weeks, I find that so frustrating.

My friend is coming over tomorrow to hang out. We'll probably end up going out to eat but I'm going to do what I did last time and order hamburger steak (like a really thick hamburger patty, served with a sauce (like a steak) rather than on a sandwich) with a side of spinach.