Friday, September 12, 2008

Don't Worry

If you've left me a comment the reason I haven't replied is because work have blocked blogger again. Moe specifically, they've blocked anything with the word 'blogspot' in the address, so I can get on to blogger to update, and I can read your blogs through my feed reader, but I can't get to the pages to comment on them. The Board of Education seem to go through fits of this, blocking and unblocking periodically.

I'm a little ate to read it buy Marshy has an interesting post about her thought process while travelling and eating. I found it particularly relevant as I tend to travel quite regularly and (as regular readers know) am heading to Malaysia for Christmas/New Year. I tend to see holidays as a bit of a free-fall, new place, new foods, experiences that I may not get elsewhere. I only hope that when I'm there I can stay as level-headed about the whole thing as she has.


Anonymous said...

hey i have been reading your blog for a few weeks first time to comment, goodluck with your weightloss. Have fun in Malaysia watch out for the orange juice they like to add tons of sugar to it.

Charlie Hills said...

Traveling does seem to bring out the worst in eating habits. I don't know what it is about us that makes us think, "Hey, 5000 calories a day isn't a lot. I'm not at home! It don't count!"

Alexia @ The One Last Thing said...

I liked that post by Marshmallow, too -- I'm on my way to China next month. I actually do better when I'm eating with people, so not too worried about the food and stuff. Just going to enjoy myself!