Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Brain not engaged

Some corn snacks slipped under the wire and into my belly yesterday, not because I was craving, not because I was hungry, but because I was just on auto-pilot.

I had been doing really well and then went in to supervise English club. We always bring snacks in for the students and while referring the boys v girls game of chain words we all started eating our snacks as usual. About 4 snacks in I look down and think 'What am I doing?' but alas, it was too late.

So there we have it, I just wasn't thinking and that was the routine I usually go by. I was justly punished with massive carb cravings late that night, made worse by the fact that unbeknown to me Aunt Flo was preparing for her visit in the wee hours of this morning.

I overslept so I couldn't make lunch. I had nothing snackable in my fridge and it's been a long, hungry day. I had plans to go out to lunch now that know I'd be able to find something suitable, but an unexpected student visit put the stoppers on that plan. It led to a worrying moment in the convenience store (I had to go pay for my order so I couldn't just avoid the place) when I picked up and sandwich and my brain went 'You're not technically on plan now anyway NOM NOM NOM'. It took me a few circles of the shop floor with the item in hand to convince myself to exchange it for the string cheese and plain yogurt and then do a runner from the shop, possibly scaring the attendants off foreigners for life with my (not entirely) internal argument.

I will finish today on plan if it kills me.


carla said...


did you finish on plan?

we ALL so have those days and, in my world, Im all kinds of thrown off if I accidentally over sleep OR git up too early for no reason (I then crave sugar).


Mrs. Darling said...

I hear ya. So how did you do?

Deniz said...

Hiya fellow Brit. Don't fret the snacks - you realised what happened and are back on track. In my book that's a BIG success. Keep at it, me dear!

Diana Swallow said...

So did you finish? When I low carb I crave fruit. I'm sending good thoughts your way, hang in there!