Thursday, August 14, 2008


Do you guys know how many times you updated while I was away? LOTS! I had so many posts to read. My mum's Internet wasn't working and my dad's wasn't installed in his new house yet so I didn't get online at all.

I've been hemorrhaging food and money since I left. I transferred home £900 before I left so I wouldn't get myself any further into debt while I was home, because I knew I needed to buy a lot of (read: all) new clothes, as well as some other things. I came in slightly under that in terms of home much I spent while I was there, but even so it means that was money that could have come off my credit card and didn't. I don't regret it because I really needed new clothes (though I kind of do regret the size I had to buy them in) but I would really like to get that money paid off. I changed the money I had left from the UK into yen and I get paid on the 21st, so I'm going to try and live on the cash I have for the next week and then send what's left of this months salary on payday.

Good news! I came home to no mould, bugs or miscellaneous slime upon my return to Japan! Before I left I pushed everything likely to mould (what was left of my clothes, bedding etc) into one room and left the AC on. It means that this months electricity bill will be high, but I find that much preferable to having to de-slime my apartment. And really, the only time I didn't have the AC on was when I was in school, so I wasn't using it that much less. I'm guessing the bill will be 11-12,000 yen as appose to 7 or 8,000 which will be fine.

My staffroom has been deserted for Obon holiday. Yesterday I got in and it was only me and the vice-principal for the first two hours. This is the one time when teachers don't mind about being punctual, so I wandered in at 9:20 today instead of the usual 8:30. I went home at 2:30 yesterday and got told by my supervisor that I can go home this afternoon too. I'm now taking anything after lunch as free game.

Hee! My teacher just gave me a bag with aubergines, cucumbers, and fresh ginger in it. Apparently her neighbours give it her every day because she lives in quite a rural area and they grow it. I was watching Rhodes across China on the food channel while I was at home and he made a Sichuan aubergine chili dish that I might try.

I'm jet-lagged to hell and it's hotter than the 7th ring of hell outside.