Friday, July 11, 2008

That was unexpected

Had a bit of a blow out last night. The day started out wrong when I woke up late and didn't have time to make my shake so I went to school, had lunch and intended to have a whole shake for dinner, instead of the 1/2-3/4 I usually have. I got to about six and I was starting to feel hungry, when I was hit by this overwhelming urge for food. I didn't want to drink my shake like a good little girl, I wanted meat! and rice! and REAL food! The urge would have passed, I know it would have, but instead of waiting it out I went to the supermarket and had a binge.

I'm meeting a teacher for dinner tonight. I contemplated writing off the day (I chose lunch for my meal time because I find when I have dinner I end up grazing through the night, lunch works better for me), but I didn't want to compound yesterday so I made my shake with a little less milk so it had a kind of pudding consistency, and packed it into my Kyoto Starbucks travel mug to store in the fridge at work. I'm eating it now and I'm fine, I don't feel hungry. I'm glad I decided to stay as close to on plan as I could today instead of blowing it again.

My aircon is in! I have it set to 'hypothermia'. Another electrical type person is coming today to bump up my breaker to 30 Amps instead of 20, so that I don't knock out my power every time I have the audacity to use my microwave and my aircon at the same time.