Saturday, July 5, 2008

Not my weekend plans

Saturday and I'm in school, it's like sacrilege! No such thing as a free day off here (with the exception of public holidays). A few weeks ago my school was closed on a Friday for an inter-prefectual sport meet, which mean that today all the suckers that work here (me) and study here (the students) have to come in for 'special classes'. Despite the fact that I have no lessons to teach. Oh well, at least it's air-conditioned.

AH! Speak of the devil and it shall appear. My supervisor (the Japanese English teacher they assign to help me out) has just come over and said that the cost for my new aircon has been approved, they've just arranged for the electrician to come to my house on Thursday! It means I'm going to boil until then but SQUEE! A light at the end of the tunnel!

Despite doing no work-outs in my apartment I'm going to be getting in a hell of a lot of walking today. I have the walk to school and back, the round trip I did from school to Denny's for lunch (don't worry: Cobb salad [no cheese, dressing on the side] and french onion soup, with an iced cherry drink. They put the calories right there on the menu so it's all been counted up on and the trip I have to take back to WAY tonight to return my videos.

Grand total: 6.3 miles/10.1km


Kathryn said...

Yah for air con (but not for working on a Saturday).