Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Myself again

Food was not good at all yesterday. I'd had a feeling it would be difficult but things really didn't work out. I ended up eating at Japanese restaurants for both meals. 'Lunch sets' are incredibly popular in Japan, they're a set meal/samples from the menu and are usually really cheap. At lunch everyone ordered the lunch set (I was going to go for the tofu set, but I didn't really like it last time) and then I had an enkai in the night. An enkai is a kind of drinking party you have with your co-workers. I don't drink often (thank God, I'm already trying to avoid thinking of the calories last night, adding alcohol to them would have been terrible). At enkais you don't get a choice of food, different courses are brought out during your time.

The food was EPIC, in both taste and size.

Usually in Japanese food they serve little portions but a lot of courses, or in a set you get a lot of little dishes on a tray with miso soup and rice. It's good, because I think the meals look huge but for the most part you're eating less. You leave a restaurant feeling satisfied but without that stuffed to the gills feeling you get in a lot of places back home. I wasn't stuffed to the gills last night but I felt full rather than satisfied, which doesn't happen often. I took a picture of everything they served us (they bring a dish out for everyone, it's not like buffet) but it's going to take some time to get the pictures up so expect a large picture post as soon as I have.

It all tasted really good, but overall I was glad to get back on the shakes today. Eating more than one meal left me with the feeling that I was grazing all day, even though I wasn't. I don't think it hurts to have a day like yesterday every now and again, but it was nice to be back on plan.