Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I was still up slightly when I weighed in this morning but based on my food and exercise this week I refuse to count it as a real gain, so I'm going to say that I officially have no change this week.

I couldn't have my shake this morning because I have to go out for both lunch AND dinner, so the shake thing wouldn't work as I'd be eating two meals. I'm a little worried about it but I'll just have to get through them and see how it goes. I'm not sure where we're going for either. Sigh, we'll see.


Once Upon A Dieter said...

You could always have your shake as a breakfast sub, no? The protein should help keep your appetite in check so lunch is manageable. :)

And being up that suddenly could be--like me--a lot of bloat. We hormonal ladies have to put up with that. sigh.

As for Doctor Who: We get it later than the Brits, so I have to wait for them to show the new episodes on Fridays. The library was the "latest" one last Friday.

I'm bummed to hear there's no full season next year. Well, at least we get specials.

I also like Donna Noble. She's got some poundage as feels more like a regular gal, cranky and whiny and all. :)

I am soooo looking forward to that three-part finale.

The Princess

Irish Mom said...

Never heard of Doctor Who?? What am I missing??

I always do worse when I skip breakfast!!

Anonymous said...

I think the shake would still be good as breakfast. Will help keep your lunch choices in check! Have loved Dr Who for over 15+ years. The New Dr is a cutie, I'd travel with him anywhere! Have a good week

40 by 40 said...

I hope your eating all worked out today..Hard not to be in control of the meals beforehand (is that a word?) Your blog sure is PRETTY~~~
Have a good week.
Ps-I am way up on the scale myself..blech!

Melzie said...

Most of teh time I have a shake for breakfast- just because it's quick & easy.

Have a great day, and attack the scale, go for an extra walk. :)

Dr. Who-- I've never heard of it...

Mel via HYC

Teale said...

regarding your comment: A visit would probably cost an upwards of $250. An office visit to a regular doctor is about $150 at my clinic, so a specialist would be more than that. And I totally could not swing it out of pocket!