Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Don't wannna

You'd think after yesterdays weigh-in and a week a feeling good and eating clean, coupled with my new exercise purchases, I would have gotten home yesterday night raring to go and start my work out.

Err, no.

It was muggy and hotter than usual yesterday. I spent the day hunched over a desk in a stuffy room doing very little. I was tired. I wanted a nap. I wanted my air con to be fixed (my school was good enough to lend me another electric fan while they try and sort it, but it just isn't strong enough).

I didn't wanna.

I wasn't gonna.

I mentioned yesterday that I was scared about taking a rest day, because I've done it before and just never gone back. I've had the best intentions, but then when the time comes to start again I've made excuses; 'I'll do it tomorrow. Actually, I've done three work-outs this week and that's the recommended amount, so I'll do it again next week'.

I sat at the computer having decided that I wasn't going to do my DVD, but I might look up some moves to use with my new water-fill dumbbells after I've checked all the HYC blogs. Looking at the updates there were some people who'd had good weeks and some who'd struggled, but I did my best to leave a comment on each. I congratulated the effort they'd put in, and tried to encouraged the people who were struggling to keep going and do their best.

Why wasn't I following my own advice? Was sitting at my computer really the best I could do? Was looking for dumbbell moves even the best I could do today? I got a ride home from school today so I'd only done half the walk, was that really every screed of energy I could muster?

It wasn't. I put in my DVD and did 4 miles. And you know what? I felt grumpy, hot and tired when I started, and I felt grumpy, hotter, and even more tired when I finished. Shit happens. You don't always have to love it. In Japan, people say that someone is genki. Translated it means 'fine' but it means more than that; it's an attitude, an energy. You don't always have to be genki, sometimes you just have to be, and yesterday I just was. Just.

Some days that's enough.


Kathryn said...

Some days are like that!

Princess Dieter aka Mir said...

I hate summer. I love June for all the milestones in it (wedding anniversary, hubby's birthday, first date anniversary, first "I love you" anniversary), but the heat and humidity in my subtropical city gets harsh, swampy harsh.

I sometimes go outside and think, "Geesh, did I just step into hell?" August and September are the worst. I live in dread.

I hope they get your a/c fixed FAST and that you will have the mojo to do your DVD or something else lovely and moving-some.

Happy Wednesday!

The Princess

Allison said...

Congratulations on doing what you had to do and just being. :) Sometimes that's the best you can hope for.

Cammy@TippyToeDiet said...

I didn't get comfortable with rest days until I realized they were part of the training program. Now I rejoice in them .:)

You're so right. We don't have to love exercise; we just have to do it. Regularly.

Have a great week!