Friday, July 18, 2008

Getting ready

I'm going to be going home at stupid o'clock on Tuesday morning, THAT'S SO CLOSE YOU GUYS!

Actually, I'm going to be starting my trip home at stupid o'clock Tuesday morning, and what a journey it will be. I'm walking to my local train station to the first train at something past 5am. There is a bus that goes to the port, but I'm feeling very strongly that I may say 'screw that' and grab a taxi. The taxi will take me to the port where I will get the 6:20 ferry, which will get me to Nagoya airport at 7:05am. There I will wait until my flight at 10:35am, and fly for 6 hours to Bangkok. I have a God-forsaken 10 and a half hour wait at BKK, followed by a 12hr5m flight to London Heathrow, where my mum should be waiting to drive me the three hours home. Just in flight/layover time that's 28 hours or so.


I'm hoping for several things:

A) I don't fuck anything up with the times/travel, there are so many parts to go wrong.

B) That I can find some type of Nyquil or similar in BKK, because it's illegal in Japan so I can't get it here and if I have to be awake for the entire 12 hour night flight I am going to be sad indeed.

C) (*little voice*) That I fit in the seats, it may be a tight squeeze and I don't want to embarrass myself.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Who says TV isn't good for you?

I called in sick to work this morning after a horrible night of non-rest. My allergies were going crazy and my sinuses just wouldn't clear. Thankfully I've been to the doctor and have some new inhalers to help with my breathing, but the medicine section of my supermarket had one of their random closed days today so I have to go back tomorrow to get something to stop the sneezing. Man I miss the all-in-one tablets that I can buy back home; I'm going to get a store of them when I go back (a week from now!).

I was procrastinating on my workout today by watching shows on (the site is like crack for me, I wouldn't be able to watch the shows from home without it), but caved and did it two episodes into Biggest Loser season 4. The scale gave me 110.4 this morning but I don't entirely trust it to stay there for the official HYC weigh in.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Once more unto the breach

Yesterday was a busy day. It started with going to watch my school play baseball against the visiting ALT's main school (we won, hee!), then I had to go home and get my apartment ready because I had people staying for the night. It was the sayonara party so it was late one. Food wasn't great, I was meeting people for meals again (and I, err, may have had a chocolate doughnut for breakfast), but wasn't God awful, and I didn't drink alcohol at the party so I avoided a lot of calories that way. Shakes again today. I wish we could get over this 'goodbye' time, then I'd have less events to go to.

I got so burned at the game! My arms are about to go supernova! I was wearing a t-shirt so I've got a really bad farmers tan too, it was embarrassing to the point that I had to wear a cardigan over my outfit yesterday.

I worked out today, yay! The aircon went in on Thursday, then Friday I had the electrician coming to fix the breaker-box thing and then out for dinner, so it didn't happen before. I'm going to do my best to stick to it properly until I go home on the 22nd, and then I'll take the DVD home with me to use while I'm there. I won't be using the shakes while I'm at home so I'm hoping that will help to keep my weight level until I return to Japan. I want to buy a lot of clothes when I go home while I've got the chance, so I want to get myself to the best fit I can.

When I weighed myself a couple of days ago I was still 111kg (though, perhaps deservedly at this point). Maybe with the restart of my walking I can make the scale wobble a little. I'm seeing a little bit of a difference in my body. I have a spare tyre around the middle and while it's still very, very present, it's becoming less pronounced. Last night I wore a dress that I love, but I haven't been able to zip up for the last few months. It was a little tighter than I would have liked, but the design was of a style that it didn't really matter.

Friday, July 11, 2008

That was unexpected

Had a bit of a blow out last night. The day started out wrong when I woke up late and didn't have time to make my shake so I went to school, had lunch and intended to have a whole shake for dinner, instead of the 1/2-3/4 I usually have. I got to about six and I was starting to feel hungry, when I was hit by this overwhelming urge for food. I didn't want to drink my shake like a good little girl, I wanted meat! and rice! and REAL food! The urge would have passed, I know it would have, but instead of waiting it out I went to the supermarket and had a binge.

I'm meeting a teacher for dinner tonight. I contemplated writing off the day (I chose lunch for my meal time because I find when I have dinner I end up grazing through the night, lunch works better for me), but I didn't want to compound yesterday so I made my shake with a little less milk so it had a kind of pudding consistency, and packed it into my Kyoto Starbucks travel mug to store in the fridge at work. I'm eating it now and I'm fine, I don't feel hungry. I'm glad I decided to stay as close to on plan as I could today instead of blowing it again.

My aircon is in! I have it set to 'hypothermia'. Another electrical type person is coming today to bump up my breaker to 30 Amps instead of 20, so that I don't knock out my power every time I have the audacity to use my microwave and my aircon at the same time.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Food Porn: Enkai Edition

Waiting on arrival: on the left there is a green seaweed salad, the covered bowl contained some vegetables, the three part plate was a mushroom/something else salad, a fish roll with a piece of carrot cut like a maple leaf, and an edamame puree topped with a spot of umeboshi. On the right is a bowl of sashimi (raw fish) that was brought out just after we sat down (octopus, tuna, shrimp), and a soy sauce dip.

Some panko (large Japanese breadcrumbs) coated fried skewers of fish, chicken, and different vegetables, with a thick miso-ketchup-y type dip.

A shredded cabbage salad with sesame dressing

I'm not sure what type of fish this was (carp maybe?). It tasted good but the skin was quite salty.

Chinese-style fried chicken wings, with garlic stuffed just under the skin

A fried beansprout/ham mix, topped with an omelette and demiglace sauce

Good old miso soup, two pieces of shrimp tempura sushi, and pickled ginger

Finally, green tea ice-cream. I'm going to be so sad when I return to the UK and it's not available there, I love it.

And then I just went ahead and exploded.

Myself again

Food was not good at all yesterday. I'd had a feeling it would be difficult but things really didn't work out. I ended up eating at Japanese restaurants for both meals. 'Lunch sets' are incredibly popular in Japan, they're a set meal/samples from the menu and are usually really cheap. At lunch everyone ordered the lunch set (I was going to go for the tofu set, but I didn't really like it last time) and then I had an enkai in the night. An enkai is a kind of drinking party you have with your co-workers. I don't drink often (thank God, I'm already trying to avoid thinking of the calories last night, adding alcohol to them would have been terrible). At enkais you don't get a choice of food, different courses are brought out during your time.

The food was EPIC, in both taste and size.

Usually in Japanese food they serve little portions but a lot of courses, or in a set you get a lot of little dishes on a tray with miso soup and rice. It's good, because I think the meals look huge but for the most part you're eating less. You leave a restaurant feeling satisfied but without that stuffed to the gills feeling you get in a lot of places back home. I wasn't stuffed to the gills last night but I felt full rather than satisfied, which doesn't happen often. I took a picture of everything they served us (they bring a dish out for everyone, it's not like buffet) but it's going to take some time to get the pictures up so expect a large picture post as soon as I have.

It all tasted really good, but overall I was glad to get back on the shakes today. Eating more than one meal left me with the feeling that I was grazing all day, even though I wasn't. I don't think it hurts to have a day like yesterday every now and again, but it was nice to be back on plan.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I was still up slightly when I weighed in this morning but based on my food and exercise this week I refuse to count it as a real gain, so I'm going to say that I officially have no change this week.

I couldn't have my shake this morning because I have to go out for both lunch AND dinner, so the shake thing wouldn't work as I'd be eating two meals. I'm a little worried about it but I'll just have to get through them and see how it goes. I'm not sure where we're going for either. Sigh, we'll see.

Monday, July 7, 2008


Got on the scale this morning to a rise up to 111kg. Seriously body? Yeah yeah, natural fluctuations blah blah blah, but seriously?!? Bastardos!

Does anyone watch Doctor Who? I saw the series 4 finale today and cried like the little girl I am inside.

So yeah, that's where I am. Not expecting a loss tomorrow despite doing nothing wrong and everything right, and plenty peeved about it. If I don't see a change soon (and definitely see a loss next week assuming I stay on plan again) I am going to be forced to cut a bitch.

I know I've complained about it a lot, but the heat is madness. For reals. Thursday cannot come fast enough.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

"Nothing Doin'"...

...said the scale.

It hasn't moved AT ALL this week. Not an ounce, not a gram, and it's really starting to annoy me.

I've stayed on plan. I've gotten good amounts of movement in. I've drank plenty of water. Yes, I know I had a drop last week and I know sometimes it just doesn't move. I know that if I keep going like this it's physically impossible for my body to keep hold of the weight for all eternity, but is it too much to see the progress in the numbers? If just by a little bit?


Saturday, July 5, 2008


It looks like I may have been worrying for nothing over the rest days. With the walking I summed up my weekly total today and with the extra stuff I did today I actually came out at 21.9 miles/35.2km, which is half a mile more than last week when I worked out every day. That makes me a little less concerned, though I will be seeing a drop in distance next week.

Not my weekend plans

Saturday and I'm in school, it's like sacrilege! No such thing as a free day off here (with the exception of public holidays). A few weeks ago my school was closed on a Friday for an inter-prefectual sport meet, which mean that today all the suckers that work here (me) and study here (the students) have to come in for 'special classes'. Despite the fact that I have no lessons to teach. Oh well, at least it's air-conditioned.

AH! Speak of the devil and it shall appear. My supervisor (the Japanese English teacher they assign to help me out) has just come over and said that the cost for my new aircon has been approved, they've just arranged for the electrician to come to my house on Thursday! It means I'm going to boil until then but SQUEE! A light at the end of the tunnel!

Despite doing no work-outs in my apartment I'm going to be getting in a hell of a lot of walking today. I have the walk to school and back, the round trip I did from school to Denny's for lunch (don't worry: Cobb salad [no cheese, dressing on the side] and french onion soup, with an iced cherry drink. They put the calories right there on the menu so it's all been counted up on and the trip I have to take back to WAY tonight to return my videos.

Grand total: 6.3 miles/10.1km

Friday, July 4, 2008


Was the temperature in my living room when I came home today. With all the windows open. Plus whatever the humidity adds to the feeling.

Still aircon-less.

I've made a decision: I'm not working out until my aircon is in. I tried yesterday, got to 2 miles and couldn't do the rest, it's just too hot. I'll have to take my 1.6 miles from school walking as my official movement.

If it takes longer than a week I'll have to find another way as I'm not willing to take too long of a break, but it looks like it will be installed next week (*knock wood* depending on how fast the BOE approves the cost, the unit is actually sitting at the school now waiting for their say-so) so I'll start again then.

I want food. I'm going to have the rest of my shake and see if that helps, without the extra exercise I'm really going to have to stick like glue to my eating.

Averting disaster (for now)

The scale isn't moving even though I've been on plan. I know it's probably because of the big loss I saw on Tuesday, but it's still frustrating.

I was supposed to go to the supermarket to get milk for my shakes yesterday but I was really angry and frustrated about dealing with my school because of my aircon (which has been broken for a month now) that all I wanted to do eat cookies and chocolate-filled pretzel sticks. I wasn't hungry so I knew it was a completely emotional reaction, and didn't dare go to the store because I'd end up buying them and binging big time.

I was so focused on that that I forgot to pack my lunch so I will have to buy it today, I'll do my best.

It's hot as balls both inside and out; my temper and temperature continue to rise.

Thursday, July 3, 2008


I was posting on a forum and somebody put up this picture.

So you have a burger and you think 'wow, there just aren't enough calories and artery hardening fat in this'. How about a cheeseburger? A bacon cheeseburger?

Krispy Kreme bacon cheeseburger?!

I can feel my arteries hardening just by looking at it.


Well, I did it. I had a rest day.

I feel kind of cheated because it was sort of involuntary. I got home with every plan of doing my workout, but decided to have the rest of my shake first because I wasn't feeling too good. I assumed it was the heat making my head bang, which was leaving me feeling a little sick. Once I'd eaten (well, kinda) I would feel better.

It didn't happen. I put on the DVD telling myself just to gaman through it (gaman: patience, endurance, perseverance) and then it would be over, but about half a mile in my headache was worse and my nausea was growing. I gave up, had a quick shower, and crawled into bed at 7pm not caring how lame it was. I haven't been sleeping too well the last few days so it may just be me getting overtired. I woke up once in the night around 3:15, but aside from that slept through to my alarm at 6:45. I feel better today so we'll see if things stay that way.

So yesterday I only did about 2 miles (1.6 round trip to school, plus the aborted walking). I was prepared to feel really guilty about it, and while I would rather have just done it, I feel good knowing that I tried to do it at the very least, instead of just refusing.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Don't wannna

You'd think after yesterdays weigh-in and a week a feeling good and eating clean, coupled with my new exercise purchases, I would have gotten home yesterday night raring to go and start my work out.

Err, no.

It was muggy and hotter than usual yesterday. I spent the day hunched over a desk in a stuffy room doing very little. I was tired. I wanted a nap. I wanted my air con to be fixed (my school was good enough to lend me another electric fan while they try and sort it, but it just isn't strong enough).

I didn't wanna.

I wasn't gonna.

I mentioned yesterday that I was scared about taking a rest day, because I've done it before and just never gone back. I've had the best intentions, but then when the time comes to start again I've made excuses; 'I'll do it tomorrow. Actually, I've done three work-outs this week and that's the recommended amount, so I'll do it again next week'.

I sat at the computer having decided that I wasn't going to do my DVD, but I might look up some moves to use with my new water-fill dumbbells after I've checked all the HYC blogs. Looking at the updates there were some people who'd had good weeks and some who'd struggled, but I did my best to leave a comment on each. I congratulated the effort they'd put in, and tried to encouraged the people who were struggling to keep going and do their best.

Why wasn't I following my own advice? Was sitting at my computer really the best I could do? Was looking for dumbbell moves even the best I could do today? I got a ride home from school today so I'd only done half the walk, was that really every screed of energy I could muster?

It wasn't. I put in my DVD and did 4 miles. And you know what? I felt grumpy, hot and tired when I started, and I felt grumpy, hotter, and even more tired when I finished. Shit happens. You don't always have to love it. In Japan, people say that someone is genki. Translated it means 'fine' but it means more than that; it's an attitude, an energy. You don't always have to be genki, sometimes you just have to be, and yesterday I just was. Just.

Some days that's enough.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

HYC Check in

I haven't done a proper check in for a while because I haven't really been losing weight for a while, and didn't want to draw attention to it. This week, however, I have completely stayed my course. I started a new meal plan (supplemented with shakes) and have exercised every single day.

I was rewarded with a weigh in of 110.6kg (243.3lbs), putting me at a loss of 2.4kg (5.2lbs).

I've been doing a lot of exercise this week, but I'm kind of scared to have a rest day because I think if I stop I won't restart.

I went to the hyakuen store (Japanese version of the dollar store) today and bought a yoga mat to protect my tatami while I'm doing my walking, it's getting a little ragged at the moment. I also bought some of those plastic dumbbell things that you fill with water? I don't know if I'll really use them or not, but I want to add some sort of upper body as all of my current plans revolve around walking, and therefore just the lower.

I'm feeling good. I feel in control and like I'm going strong, but a little bit of me is waiting for the other shoe to drop.