Saturday, June 7, 2008

So here we are again

I got on the scale today, and it gave me a reading of 113kg. That's all but back to what I was when I began all this. It made me feel a little sick, brought a tiny little lump to my throat, and prompted me to go and do my exercise DVD.

I have been off the rails for a while now. I'm flying back home on July 22nd and I want to try and be close to where I was when I got to Japan at the very least. I don't want to go home and have people see me at this weight. I wish I could work up the ass kicking enthusiasm that would motivate readers far and wide, but the truth is that all my energy is focused on just getting through today making better choices than yesterday.

I'm tired of wasting money on buying healthy food that then rots in my fridge while I go out for dinner, or make a dent in the bakery instead.

Speaking of wasting money! I started a budget at the beginning of this pay period (I get paid on the 21st of the month), it's really been opening my eyes as to where my money goes. I've tried starting a budget before, but after a few days it's just been left by the wayside (hmmm, why does that sound familiar?). This time I made a spread-sheet and started entering every single thing I spent at the end of every single day - I really didn't realise how much more expensive it is eat unhealthily! When I factor in my (embarrassingly frequent) junk runs from the last few weeks I find a large portion of the money I spent on groceries going on just that.

For example, if I buy a pack of the sugared danish sticks that they bake next to the register (seriously, they smell amazing and the press they cook in is right. there.) it costs me 600 yen (about £2.50 or $5.50). For 600 yen I could buy 450g/1lb of fresh chicken breast (216 yen - chicken is so cheap here), half a cabbage (88 yen), a pack of those cooking sauces I like (185 yen), and some broccoli (100 yen), and still have change. Why am I wasting my money on this? And if you think those danish sticks were the only think I was buying you would be very wrong.

If losing fat won't motivate me, perhaps spending less money will?


Kathryn said...

those danishes do sound good though! How cheap is that chicken... awesome.