Wednesday, June 11, 2008

And the beat goes on

Things are going fine. The scale hasn't really moved but it hasn't been long, so I've got to give it a chance I suppose, even if it takes a while my body won' be able to hold on to all my weight indefinitely while I'm eating right. I just have to keep telling myself that.

More everyone who wanted the recipe for Mabo-Dofu (the dinner in the last post), I got it from here.

I have to plan some more meals and then go to the supermarket because the cupboards are bare, but I like it that way. If I only have the ingredients for certain dishes then I can only make those dishes, it helps keep me on track.

Speaking of on track, I checked my bank account yesterday and was surprised by how much of my paycheck I had left. It's amazing what a difference really paying attention will do.

I went to the konbini today and heard this pineapple and lemon drink calling me sweetly from inside the chilled cabinet:

Some people would be warned away by such a startling colour, but not me. Sadly the taste did not live up to the artificial hue and I had to throw it away after just a few sips.


Mrs. Darling said...

Ihear ya. My scale isnt moving much either but Im hoping it will have to give in shortly.

I always have an awful time finding water that I like.