Thursday, June 26, 2008

Alas poor DVD, I knew him Horatio

Last night I turned on my WATP DVD to be greeted by an unfortunate grinding noise instead of the usual group of marching wonders. My DVD, she is dead. For a horrible moment I thought it was my DVD player that had packed up, but a quick test of different DVDs proved otherwise.

I was going to leave it at that, I swear I was. Air con is still not fixed (and probably won't be for a while, fucking Japanese love for red tape, someone explain to me what they need to check with the higher ups?) and I was just going to jump in the shower and finish my shake.

A glint caught my eye as I closed the glass doors of my DVD cabinet. At the bottom of the pile was my WATP Express 4 mile I bought the last time I was exercising seriously. My fully functional Express 4 mile. Still wrapped in cellophane (the source of the light-catching glint). I was putting it in the player even as the back end of my brain was saying "You know we really don't need t-".

Wow. I usually do the WATP for the Abs series (even though I've lost my belt thing), but this one just focuses on the movement without other props.

Bitch moves.

I didn't make it through all 4 miles. I didn't even make it through 3. A combination of the heat, the fact that I was absolutely dripping sweat, and minor exhaustion, meant that I wilted just after the two mile marker was called and had to live to fight another day. I crawled into my cool shower convinced that if I were to play the tape in slow motion I'd here the 70 year old grandmother in the backing group laughing at me, so I'll give it another shot tonight and see if I can get any further.

My first day of clean eating with the shakes went well. I got hungry before bed and had a banana. Curbing late night eating has always been a problem for me, and I was cooking lunch for today at the time so that's not surprising, but I'm sure this was hunger rather than boredom or cravings so I had something little and healthy. I think technically I should be having two shakes a day, but they're really big and to be honest the powder is expensive so if I use the packets that fast I don't know if I can afford it. I made the it with milk instead of water today and I'm going to see how that makes me feel, or if I should just stick to water.

I have lunch in the staffroom fridge (chicken, potato, yellow bell pepper, tomatoes and cream-cheese, and a yogurt for a snack later) and my shake made at home already, so I feel quite well planned out for the day.