Thursday, May 8, 2008


Sorry reader-folk, a konbini is a convenience store, they're everywhere in Japan. I got to the one just behind my school to get lunch.

I was intending to go again today and get my yogurt and juice, only to realise that I actually have a class today in the 2nd period, so I don't have time! I'll have to go after, but I hope my stomach doesn't grumble while I'm teaching. It has a tendency to get very vocal when empty.

Got on the scale and I was up very slightly, not at lot (under a pound) but enough. Looking back on what I've eaten the last few days there is no reason it should be up, so I'm just going to assume it's a natural fluctuation and check it again in a couple of days. Between then and now I'm going to try and drink more water, I have upped what I was drinking before but I don't think it's quite enough yet, especially now the weather has warmed up.

Do you think I can count green tea as part of my water count? I always thought no; water should be water and that's the end of it, but now I'm wondering?


MissM said...

I would count it. I count everything. :)

Felicia said...

I would count it to! Usually as long as it doesn't have caffeine in it I would count it. So yup I say count it.


Cammy@TippyToeDiet said...

I've read a couple of articles lately that said we don't necessarily need the 8 glasses of water usually recommended if we're drinking other non-caffeineted beverages. I think green tea would count, especially since it has so many other great benefits.

Martha said...

I think green tea counts! I've just been wanting to try matcha, so I'm going to look for it this week.

I've been in Stockholm since 2003, from what I've heard, Swedes and Japanese are pretty similar culture wise. The food is surely better in Japan, though!:-)

Kathryn said...

Green tea counts. It does have some caffiene though.

Teale said...

My WW leader has always told us that half of our daily water count can be sugar free/calorie free/caffeine free beverages. I supplement half my water w/crystal light sometimes cuz I love it:)