Saturday, May 10, 2008

A nice evening

I just got back from dinner at a Mexican restaurant with a friend, it was a really nice meal. I knew there was no way I could find out the calories and decided not to worry about it. I started with nachos and a bean dip, followed with a Mexican set and finished with a slice of cake. I knew I was going out for dinner so I ate very lightly today, just a bowl of cereal, and did light workout. I'm glad I did that because I know I would have eaten exactly what I ended up having, regardless of what I'd eaten today, so it made me feel much more in control that I hadn't just said "well we'll call this an 'off' day" and gone crazy.

On the way home we passed WAY, a big video/DVD rental place that I've been wanting to join. I've only ever passed it in the car so it always seemed too far away to get to from my apartment, but we checked the dial as we went passed and it turns out it's about 2.5km (1.55 miles), so it would only be just over a 3 mile round trip! It really surprised me, I thought it would be much further than that - I could totally walk it. If/when I ever get over my bike phobia (or when I get fit enough that riding doesn't half kill me) it would be a really good place to bike to. An ALT friend of mine is going to help me fill in the Japanese form on Tuesday and sort out joining so that I can go when I like. Even better, it's on a road going from my place and it's a completely straight line, no turning anywhere, which means the chances of me getting hopeless lost are greatly diminished.


Teale said...

Mexican is my favorite, and I try to do the same thing as you... eat lighter that day so that I can have what I truly enjoy!