Friday, May 23, 2008

Mystery Snacks

One of the teachers just came up and gave me some snacks. Never one to turn down the opportunity to try something new I graciously accepted, and waited until he was gone before doing an in depth analysis.

The packaging would like me to believe that it is exploding dog flavoured onigiri (rice-cakes). What had I done to deserve these canine stealth attacks? Heedless to the dangers I pressed on, determined to know what it was or die in the attempt.

Closer inspection revealed rice crackers with a soy glaze and nori pieces. It was nicer than I expected, but I probably wouldn't buy the myself.

I'm unsure what the first rice cake had done to upset the exploding dog, especially since the second pack seemed so happy?

We can only assume it deserved it. And that the dog didn't read the sign on the front of the supermarket store asking very politely to please not blow anything up:


Tamera said...'re braver than I my friend!

Diana Swallow said...

OMG I love foreign wrappers and I could spend hours on Of course you're probably the one supplying Engrish with their funny stuff.