Tuesday, May 13, 2008

HY Challenge

Time for a check in and my scale said 109.6 this morning. That's a loss of 0.6kg/1.3lbs.

To tell the truth, even though that's not a bad loss (no loss is a bad loss!) I'm a little disappointed. I think I may be slightly lighter than that as I tend to see a bit of a difference when I wait an hour or so after waking up before I take a reading, but I had to get to school so there was no time to wait. I was going to hold off and see what tomorrow brought, but then came to my senses a little and figured I can just add it to next week if needs be.

I went out for lunch at Denny's today (another ALT comes to my school on Tuesdays and we always go out to lunch together) and got a Cobb salad and french onion soup. This was especially good as they have just changed some of their limited time menu items and they all looked amazing! They have the calories for every meal listed next to the picture though and some of the counts were mind boggling, so I (just about!) stuck to my guns. Now that I'm about to put it in to Daily Plate I'm glad I did.

I bought some bok choy at the supermarket last night, so I might do a stir fry for dinner. I found a really good blog here called 'Food Wishes'. They have loads of recipes with a streaming video for each so that you can see how it's done. I'm thinking of making his ginger and garlic dish if I remember to go the supermarket and pick up some soy sauce and sesame oil, and then pair it with either a chicken breast on top or some thin-cut beef slivers mixed in with it.


Debra said...

Congrats on your loss!! Keep going strong!

YUM, that cob salad and soup sounds good...

Martha said...

1.3 pounds is very good, don't be disappointed! BTW, what's an ALT?

Felicia said...

Congrats on your loss. That is AWESOME!! They all add up ya know!!

Have a great one!

Grumpy Chair said...

I'll take that loss.

I love french onion soup - and usually have a bowl at La Madeline's (an over priced "fast food" bistro) once a month. But now that it is getting on to temps in the 90's - not feeling the need for hot soup.

I hope you enjoyed your stir fry.

Thanks for the recipe food link. I will check it out later this week.

Girl with a Problem said...

Congrats on your weigh in - even if you wish it was bigger - don't we all :)

Me, I'm happy as long as the numbers keep gettin' smaller instead of bigger.

Nice to meet you.