Friday, May 9, 2008

Dear Scale, just to clarify...

My scale seems to have misunderstood the concept I'm going for with this weight loss thing. When I eat healthily, with no cheats and all my water, for three days then I don't expect to be up a kilo. I just don't. I had to sit him down for a little chat earlier to explain exactly what I'm going for here, hopefully he's a little clearer on his role in this whole project now.

Still chugging along though. Whatever the scale says I know that eating properly can't be making me fatter (even if it's somehow making me temporarily heavier), so I'll just have to keep going until the scale gets his act together. I'd like to register a loss on Tuesday though.

Somehow it's Friday again! Golden Week holidays meant that I had no school Monday/Tuesday, no teaching time Wednesday, one class on Thursday (it was only a half day because of Sports Day prep and preliminary races) and then Sports Day proper today. All weeks should be like this.

I had the extremely dubious honour of seeing my first apartment cockroach last night, crawling across my kitchen floor. After a minor Hysterical Freakout I whacked it with a slipper (I know, I know, you shouldn't, but it had to die and quickly). It was a worthy adversary for my brand new vacuum.


Felicia said...

ummm *ACK* on the bug. I would have smooshed it too. Sorry but I dont do things that can out live a nuclear bomb. *shivers*

As for the scale it is probably your body just adjusting to the healthy lifestyle you are living now. I wouldnt worry about it. You are doing so well there is no way it wont start dropping again soon.

That or you could just smack the scale around until it starts to pay attention lol.

Have a great day!