Monday, May 12, 2008

And I'm back

I was typing this as an edit on my last post and it got so long I figured it could have its own entry.

It's early evening now and I'm feeling better. I got a text from my friend saying someone else had agreed to fill the place, so I don't feel like I've let her down anymore. I put on some upbeat music and made myself dinner, then went and got my groceries and came away relatively unscathed, so everything is alright.

I was kind of hungry so I bought myself a couple of yakitori chicken skewers from the service counter, along with an off-cut of garlic bread. I weighed the bread when I got home (40g) before I ate it and put it into Daily Plate. The fried service area and the bakery counter are two places where I really, really trip up in the supermarket. It always smells good and it's right by the entrance. It's good to know that I can get something there without going nuts - though it was a close thing at one point so I probably won't test myself too often! Also, if I go too crazy on the white carbs (rice/bread) it tends to kick off my cravings like crazy, I've been having a much easier time since I reduced my intake.

I had a very late lunch though, and now that snack, so I'm probably going to call that dinner and then have some fruit if I get hungry later. With weigh in being tomorrow (well, depending what time Mr Linky goes up possibly Wednesday for me?) I'm trying to cut down on my late night eating as it really does affect the scale the next day, even if the things I've eaten are healthy. If I wait until I'm hungry for something meal-sized I'll be really up tomorrow.


Felicia said...

Good luck with your weigh in!! I am sure you are going to do great!!